Suggested Hamper Content List

The Following is a list based on a family of 4 

New Toys/Gifts for school age children.  UNWRAPPED only please, with an approximate value of up to $25.00 per child.

An average Christmas Hamper for a family of 4 is made up of the NON-PERISHABLE food items listed below plus whatever extras you want to add. If your family is larger or smaller than 4, then you can adjust the amounts accordingly. When we pack unsponsored hampers we will start with the list below and then add extras like laundry detergent from whatever donations we have received.

* 1 large box cereal * 1 2kg bag of flour * 1 2kg bag of Sugar 

1 small bag of rolled oats * 1 litre 100% fruit juice 

1 bag (500g) dry pasta *1 can pasta sauce* Pasta Noodles 

2 cans regular soup *2 tins tuna/salmon * Box of Crackers 

1 jar real fruit jam * 1 peanut butter * hearty soups/stews* 1 Can Coffee 

1 Box Tea * Canned vegetables * Canned fruit * granola bars 

 Hot chocolate * 1 box stuffing mix * 1 can cranberry sauce * Toilet Paper 

Paper Towel 

   Christmas Cake, pudding or some other

   Christmas dinner dessert, Christmas chocolates, or other

   Christmas treats. 


Please do not include fresh food in your hamper as we do not have refrigeration.

 Please do not include bulk, home preserved or homemade food & candy – we cannot

distribute these because of Health Regulations.

Please bring your packed hamper to 3950 Livingstone Road Royston No Later then Saturday December 14, 2019 

Please call if you require pick up or alternate drop location for North Island Families 

Note: Please pack your food items into no more than 2 apple boxes with lids (excluding the toys). It is important that sponsored hampers look similar to the other hampers that we distribute. And please remember to write your hamper number on each box as well as on the bags of toys.

Text/call (250) 897-2823 or email for more information. Thank you for your support!



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